Who are we?

Platinum Investors associates experienced investors. Whether you successfully invest in startups or you have just become interested in this highly profitable market sector, by cooperating with us, you will multiply the capital and write a new story of multi-million investments.

The basic mistakes

Make use of the experience offered by Platinum Investors business angels and do not make these mistakes:

Investing in the first random opportunity
Incorrectly conducted due diligence
An investment with the omission of the lawyer
No capital for the second tranche payment
Investing in too few start-ups
Becoming an angel for the period shorter than 10+ years

What can you count on?

Establish cooperation with experienced partners

Proper selection

You receive monthly recommendations which have been selected for you. You can be certain that we have rejected hundreds to select just a few most promising propositions.

The financial and legal analysis

Financial condition and growth potential. EBITDA, cash flow and patent security. We guarantee certainty thanks to cooperation with the best European experts.

Investment only with the exit perspective

We invest together only in those endeavours which offer a possibly quick, efficient and high exit rate.

You have got real influence on your investment

You receive real control. You hold the position of the Member of the Board, mentor or the Member of the Supervisory Board.

If you value peace and quiet

Platinum Investors will guarantee that you have non-absorbing influence on the investment you are carrying out. Without getting involved in the daily fortune of your company, you can have an influence on both the strategy and the direction for development.

Capital diversification

Together with the Members of Platinum Investors you can invest in one, several or even a few dozen promising projects within a year.

A long-term business relationship

Platinum Investors is created by experienced investors who are focused on investing only in the most promising endeavours. We rely on long-term relationships.

The decision is yours

Choose wisely to achieve success

If you are a lion and you prefer to act on you own, Platinum Investors is not a place for you. You do not have to be active in syndicates to achieve success. By acting on your own, you will reach your goal as well.

However, if you ‘hunt’ in a group, value experience, you are oriented on stable growth and you wish to make use of knowledge offered by a multi-cultural and multi-industrial group – contact us even today. Apply for a place in Platinum Investors.

Dołącz do nas and change Europe with wise investments.

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Join us and change Europe with wise investments.

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