Who are we?

Platinum Investors associates experienced investors. Whether you successfully invest in startups or you have just become interested in this highly profitable market sector, by cooperating with us, you will multiply the capital and write a new story of multi-million investments.

What do you need? What are your problems?

Using our experience you will avoid errors:

Undeveloped marketing plan
Legal problems
Insufficient estimation of the necessary capital
Negative cash flow
Undeveloped product
Improper sales channels

What can we offer you?

The cooperation with Platinum Investors will result in:

Acquiring a further tranche of the investment

When you cooperate with us, the additional investment tranche will be guaranteed.

Financial and legal analysis

When investing, we analyse the financial and legal situation. We assist in implementing verified solutions.

We only invest with the possibility of exiting

Together, we increase the value of your startup and develop a strong brand.

You have an actual influence

We don’t “tie your hands”. We don’t want to take control. Instead, we provide you with assistance and advice.

We optimise marketing

We enable access to world-class mentors. We optimise and increase effectiveness of the conducted marketing activities.

We know how important sales are

We can help you build and develop sales teams. We share our contacts and assist in implementing your solutions.

Long-term business relations

You can rely on our direct assistance not only when concluding the investment agreement but also throughout its entire duration.

You have a number of options for obtaining capital

Select the one that matches your preferences best

If you like to work alone. You follow your own path. You have a plan for yourself and your business. You don’t use assistance of experts. You don’t want to use our contacts and capital. We perfectly understand! Some of us were like that too. You need to know that when you work alone, you can also achieve your goals and you have a chance of becoming successful.

Nevertheless, keep in mind that the statistics are not friendly. Hundreds out of thousands project fail. Only a few dozen of them are successful. Some of them earn a reasonable profit but only one such idea has a chance of repeating the success of Uber, Facebook, Apple or Airbnb.

Apply now! Convince us with your story.Prove to us that your idea will be another success worth billions.

When you fill out the form, you can be sure that we’ll get back to you.

You will get your 5 minutes to convince us. If you fail, the next step will be to meet us.



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